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Sustainable Communities

How can we help you protect the environment?


Sustainability made easy

Our Sustainable Communities service allows us to engage with the people that mean the most to your project. Whether that be the public, contractors, employees, your customers and clients, residents groups or associations or other vested stakeholders, we can gather the information that allows you to make informed decisions to improve your products, services and designs.

Within Sustainable Communities, our team deliver works with significant social, economic and environmental impacts. Working with local and international organisations, our wide spanning experience and knowledge allows us to understand the challenges. So we can prescribe solutions to global issues, from embodied life cycles of the built environment, tangible approaches to mass retrofit, carbon foot-printing an entire sector, delivering decision support tools for renewable energy systems and indoor air quality and many, many more.

How does our sustainable communities service can help you?

  • Building User Surveys (BUS) 
  • Efficacy of Behaviour Change Programmes 
  • Occupant Thermal Comfort 
  • Focus Group Results 
  • Questionnaire Results 
  • Opinion Polls 
  • Satisfaction Surveys

Who do we help?

  • Community Groups 
  • Not for Profit Organisations 
  • Housing Associations 
  • Local Authorities

When do we help?

  • Goal and Scope 
  • Strategic Planning 
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) setting 
  • Project Preparation

How have we helped?