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How can we help you protect the environment?


About Building performancE

Building Performance centres on buildings in the real world, and is often the perfect next step to our Sustainable Design service.  We use a wide range of building evaluation hardware to measure the performance of your existing building. Once we understand the building’s energy demand, we can assess a range of energy efficiency retrofit measures to give you options for improving the building’s energy consumption, reducing its energy running costs, and lowering its carbon dioxide emissions.

This service can be run multiple times on the same building. It is best done before and after you do any retrofit works; this allows us to calculate the real-world performance improvements for your projects. This will ultimately inform and improve the decisions for your next construction and retrofit project.

How do we help?

  • Life Cycle Monitoring any age of building – new, post-1919, historic/traditional, pre-1919 
  • Pre-Occupation Evaluation 
  • Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) 
  • Building Performance Evaluation (BPE) 
  • Pre and Post Intervention Measurements and Benchmarking – Retrofitting
  • Quality Control Spot Checks during Construction Phase
  • Partners Sustainable Design Theme through the Digital Twin 
  • Provide Remedial Strategies 
  • U-Value Testing 
  • Air Tightness Testing 
  • Energy Consumption and Generation Monitoring 
  • Humidity, Moisture and Interstitial Condensation

Who do we help?

  • Facility Managers
  • Local Authorities 
  • Social and Private Landlords 
  • Private Consultants 
  • SMEs and System Developers 
  • House Buildings 
  • Asset Managers

When do we help?

  • During and Post Construction
  • Pre and Post Occupation 

How have we helped?

  • Retrofit Evaluation

    Retrofit Evaluation

    The Building Performance and Post Occupancy Evaluation team measured the physical parameters and characteristics of ten traditionally built dwellings (pre-1919, historic) , before and after thermal upgrades and retrofitting of renewable technology. read more >